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The cocoa tree produces brightly-colored pods with deep creases, ranging in different colors. Each color is indicative of a different ripening stage. When cacao pods turn bright orange, they are the ripest. Even so, they are a genuine delight to the eyes. But instead of growing on the branches, cocoa pods grow on the trunk of the tree, which makes for a somewhat peculiar image for anyone who sees them for the first time.

Each cocoa pod may contain somewhere between 20-50 seeds, covered by a sticky flesh. Cocoa seeds are not chocolate-brown, but white, mushy, buttery beans which turn a deep, beautiful red-brown when left to dry.

Cocoa Beans are known for having the following beneficial properties

  • Natural antidepressant
  • Regulates appetite
  • Memory enhancer
  • Blood pressure regulator
  • Anti-aging
  • STATUS: Pending

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