logo with written text, Demix Innoshop, it represents our online crossborder B2B Marketplace

Demix InnoShop is the online crossborder B2B marketplace for those who appreciate Italian style and craftsmanship, the raw materials of international excellence and the products and solutions of technological innovation. 

The project has been founded by Demix International Consulting and stems from the ambition to conduct a continuous search for excellence in design and in the universe of fashion accessories, cosmetics, food & beverage made in Italy, and to become a point of reference for those who love “Made in Italy” as adherence to a lifestyle based on the care of beauty and the culture of living well, for instance Innowatch

Then, thanks to Delizie dal Mondo, we extended the project to the excellences we have discovered and experienced around the world, also dealing with the production and marketing of ethnic, genuine products, characterized by particular attention to the quality of raw materials. Finally, we have included the innovative products and solutions that, thanks to our Demix Innovation Lab Incubator and Accelerator, we are developing in particular in the green tech, high tech and nautical sectors, but not only. 

We at Demix Group are always very attentive to news and excellence and we hope to surprise you with new products and solutions that can attract your attention and curiosity and if you didn’t find the product or the solution you wanted, contact us and we will look it up for you.

Thank you for your attention, we wish you good navigation through our online crossborder B2B marketplace and we are always available for further clarification!






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