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Chocolate bars produced by Paccari

The ingredients that create the award-winning chocolate are that are 100% certified organic. This means that no pesticides, harmful fertilisers or genetically modified products were used in any part of the supply chain. The cacao used is not from big monoculture cacao plantations that most of the time are related to deforestation caused by cacao. 

The chocolate bars are nut free, soy free, gluten free, dairy free, palm oil free, free from any other artificial products, plant based, vegan and kosher certified.

Starting from 2020 the chocolate bars have a 100% compostable inner packaging, this means that the material used to protect the chocolate bars inside the boxes is completely compostable with water (humidity) in just 180 days and does not leave any sort of damaging residues.

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For further information regarding this solution you can read this presentation on Demix Group

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