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The “green spot Umiles” is a completely customizable charging station, in addition to which it is possible to add a particular road bump, both equipped with photovoltaic sheets that work in symbiosis to power users for sustainable mobility.

The Green Spot is able to fully recharge up to 4 E-Bikes or electric scooters per day, through the photovoltaic panels on the column and on the back, and through a micro-wind turbine. The system can charge smart devices through USB ports, guarantee a Wi-Fi connection in any place, and monitor the performance and parameters of the system.
The basic structure of the Green Spot is composed of 3 photovoltaic panels, one of 215 W and two of 55 W, the micro-wind turbine is of 600 W. The solar hump, on the other hand, is composed of two special panels of 80 W and the energy obtained , is stored in a 24V and 220 Ah battery pack.

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For further information regarding this solution you can read this presentation on Demix Group.

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