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Demix Sky Park is an automated vertical car park. It is an economic car park as it saves time and petrol by finding a parking space quickly. There will be less carbon emissions. Everyone will have more time to enjoy life without pollution. It is a new generation of parking that guarantees a relaxing and safe way of driving, under protection, with the highest technology designed by our systems.

All components of the parking systems are fully recyclable materials. After 30 years you can recycle your car park, recovering almost 20% of your first investment. Whereas, recycling conventional concrete car parks is not profitable, it is just a huge cost. Instead of conventional parking, automatic parking systems provide solutions that require less space. This provides much greener social areas. Demix Sky Park is equipped with high technology that allows you to park your car in clean and safe areas protected from the weather and all kinds of other external factors. It is a car park that can be reproduced. It is an excellent solution for any location. Less cost and time is required for construction than for standard concrete parking. These products not only make life easier, but also add value to cities without disturbing the architectural texture. On the contrary, their aesthetic designs can enhance the area.

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For further information regarding this solution you can read this presentation on Demix Group.

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