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Product Name: Wood Pellets

Main materials: pine, oak, spruce and various mixed wood

Weight per bag: 15kg

Diameter: 6-8mm up to 16mm

Length: ≤40mm

Shape: stick

Colour: light yellow/brown

Net calorific value (as received): 4200-4800 Kcal/kg

Unit volume mass: Min. 600

Humidity: <10%

Ash content: <1%

Sulfur content: Max. 0.05%

Chlorine: Max. 0.05%

Internal density: 1100-1300 kg/m3 min

Bulk density: 792 kg/m3 min

Ash melting temperature, IDT: Min. 1150°c

Nitrogen content (dry basis): Max. 0.5%

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  • STATUS: Pending
  • FURTHER DETAILS: The purchase is for a single bag

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