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Structure required in order to produce power through plasma

A plasma generator is a device that converts electrical energy into thermal energy carried by a gas. Plasma reactors allow almost any gas to be converted to the plasma state. The heat influx can be precisely and easily controlled.

The thermal energy carried by the gas can be used for heating, gasification, and chemical reactions, which take place in a reaction chamber located in front of the plasma generator. The gas used is generally part of the chemical reactions. Plasma generators transform 85% and 90% of the electrical energy supplied to them into usable thermal energy. Due to the very high enthalpy (energy density) of plasma, gasification and reforming reactions can take place in a fairly small space. 

The advantage of plasma technology is mainly the high temperature of the plasma jet, which can be used for two different purposes: 

(a)support for gasification and fusion/vitrification of inorganic solid materials

(b)decomposition of complex pyrolysis gases into light hydrocarbons.

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For further information regarding this solution you can read this presentation on Demix Group.

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